Southeast Asia Open Innovation Challenge


The Southeast Asia Open Innovation Challenge (SEA OIC) brings together some of Southeast Asia’s largest conglomerates to collaborate with innovative startups, scaleups and SMEs.

In this inaugural launch of the SEA OIC, five Southeast Asia (SEA) conglomerates - Central Group, Emtek Group, Hong Leong Holdings, Sunway Group and VNG Cloud are looking for innovative partners to collaborate on a total of nine challenge statements. If you are a startup, scaleup or innovative SME with suitable solutions, they want to hear from you. 

The goal of the SEA OIC is to match your solutions with these conglomerates’ Challenge Statements. Selected companies will have the opportunity to embark on 3- to 6-month pilots, where solutions may be adapted into new features, targeted customer profiles, unique conditions and potentially, implemented across the conglomerates’ presence throughout the region. 

Together with the Economic Development Board (EDB) and Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), Enterprise Singapore, invites innovative local and foreign teams to take on this challenge to showcase your innovative solutions in addressing crucial opportunity and growth areas for regional conglomerates. 

Successful participants will be eligible to receive Startup SG grant of up to S$20,000 per pilot*, additional grant funding from Enterprise Singapore and more importantly, the chance to co-develop, testbed and deploy your solutions with our established conglomerate partners, starting in one country, and potentially across the region.

*T&Cs apply


Pilot with SEA Conglomerates

One company will be selected per challenge, and will have the opportunity to work closely with the conglomerate to design, launch, and measure the success of actual pilot projects.

Central Group


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HL (3)-3




VNG Cloud


Process & Timeline

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Perks & Benefits

  • Get opportunities to pilot with a conglomerate, gain market validation and accelerated market entry.

  • Up to 6 companies will be awarded up to S$20,000 Startup SG Grant. Each conglomerate will be able to award one grant to a team. 

  • Singapore-based companies can apply for the Enterprise Development Grant to cover up to 70% of supported project costs.

  • The opportunity to be part of ESG's Startup SG network and EDB’s startup network.

  • Access to co-working and meeting spaces at Ravel Innovation’s Co-working Campus in Singapore.

  • Access to other perks & benefits such as incorporation and legal support, accounting set-up support, among others.

As part of Ravel Innovation's community, you can enjoy credits and discounts from these partners and more.

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Who Should Apply

Target Pilot Partner Profile

  • Innovative startups, scaleups and SMEs are encouraged to apply, though companies with good customer traction and monthly recurring revenues are preferred. 
  • Business-to-business or business-to-business-to-consumer focused
  • Based anywhere in the world 
    - Open-minded and collaborative in adapting their solutions to an original pilot with a large conglomerate
    - Interested to enter or scale within Southeast Asia
    - Interested to incorporate and anchor development activities in Singapore
  • Ready to scale


  • Agritech
  • B2B SaaS in data and predictive analytics
  • Biometrics
  • CRM
  • Digital Health / Health Tech
  • Edutech
  • Fintech
  • Identification Tech
  • IoT
  • Insurtech
  • Mediatech
  • Regtech
  • Retail Tech
  • Proptech
  • VR / AR


  • The pilot implementation phase is between 3-6 months, and will require leadership focus and resource deployment from the startup, scaleup or SME. 
  • You are expected to develop a product-pilot fit, either for a new solution from existing technologies or for an adapted solution with existing market validation to be tailored and scaled with the conglomerate.






Challenge Statements

Market Entry: Thailand

Central Group NEW

Challenge Statement #1
Context: Central Group is the leader in retail, property development, hospitality, and food & beverage industries in Thailand.
Digital media companies (e.g. Google & Facebook) have changed the way brands reach audiences online in more targeted and personalized ways. Yet when it comes to offline media (e.g. out of home, in-store), the ability to drive targeted ads remains very much at its infancy.

Pilot Requirements: A digital media solution that helps reach audiences with more targeted (even personalised) ads and promotions throughout both their offline & online (O2O) journeys. The solution should utilise customer data analytics, in addition to mobile, AI, IoT, and/or location-based technologies, to provide advertising at the right time, place and channel. Particular emphasis should be placed on revolutionising in-mall / in-store media experiences.

Industry: Media, Data Analytics, IoT, VR/AR
Stage of Solution partner: Startup, Scale-up, Innovative SMEs
Pilot Location: Bangkok / Digital
Pilot Duration: 3-6 months

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Challenge Statement #2
Context: Typical loyalty programmes reward their members via offers, points, and/or privileges to drive purchase and retention. Yet, we believe that additional value can be derived from engaging like-minded members together via social communities or activities.


Pilot Requirements: A community-centric loyalty programme. Design and develop engaging member social/community (member-to-member + group) features that enriches the loyalty experience. These features should help (a) grow new member interest, (b) increase daily active users in The 1’s mobile app, and (c) drive member purchase and retention (i.e. loyalty).

Industry: Loyalty, Data Analytics, CRM, MarTech (MarketingTech)
Stage of Solution partner: Startup, Scale-up, Innovative SMEs
Pilot Location: Bangkok / Digital
Pilot Duration: 3-6 months


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Market Entry: Indonesia

1Emtek Logo

Challenge Statement #1
Context: DANA is one of Indonesia's most popular digital wallets with over 45 million users. Its services are accessed either through the DANA app, or within partner ecosystems that have adopted DANA's solution. Users use DANA for money transfers, bill payments, e-commerce payments, entertainment, investments and insurance, amongst others.
As new IoT devices and biometric technologies emerge, there is a market opportunity for users to retrieve and use their financial data more seamlessly and in a personalised way, shifting user experience beyond mobile apps.

Pilot Requirements: We are looking for creative and innovative digital solutions that have synergies with DANA's existing payment experience. The solution should improve the interface for users, allowing easy access and retrieval of their financial data, enabling a more seamless and effortless way to perform follow-up actions.

Some examples might include:

  • Utilising face recognition/ biometric/ voice commands to execute payment-related functions in a secure and scalable way
  • Integrating with IoT devices to explore and understand customer behaviour, to make payment experiences more personalised

In all cases, utmost priority must be placed on the security and privacy of customer data. Hence, the solution should have a good balance of superior technology and innovation, while maintaining user and data privacy.

Industry: Fintech, Regtech, Identity Management, Biometrics, IoT
Stage of Solution partner: Startup, Scale-up, Innovative SMEs
Pilot Location: Jakarta / Digital
Pilot Duration: 3 -6 months

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Challenge Statement #2

Context: Bukalapak is one of Indonesia's leading e-commerce platforms. Its most important products are the e-commerce marketplace (Bukalapak) and an in-house marketplace for mom-and-pop shops (Mitra) across Indonesia (Mitra Bukalapak). Mitra Bukalapak's vision is to empower these Mitra to improve their businesses and livelihoods.

One of the solutions that we would like to offer them is a suite of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business solutions to help them better manage their businesses.

However, providing SaaS solutions with the right balance of sophistication to provide value, and the simplicity to encourage adoption remains a challenge.

Pilot Requirements: We are looking for SaaS platforms/solutions that can be value-add by improving the Mitra's offline sales. Use cases can range from book-keeping, sales and inventory tracking solutions, to MPOs, etc. In order to encourage adoption, the solution needs to add value for the Mitra and simple to use.

Some examples might include:

  • Book-keeping functionalities that help remind the Mitra of pending receivables and payables
  • Inventory system that predicts stock requirements based on past demand and external trends
  • Pricing suggestions for their physical and digital products, based on location
  • Ability to track current inventory via AI

Industry: SaaS, MPOs, AI, Business Analytics, MarTech, FinTech, Inventory SaaS, Pricing Management SaaS
Stage of Solution partner: Startup, Scale-up, Innovative SMEs
Pilot Location: Jakarta / Digital
Pilot Duration: 3 - 6 months

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Market Entry: Singapore

HL (3)-3

Challenge Statement #1

Context: Hong Leong Holdings Limited (HLHL) has over 250 tenants, majority of which are commercial tenants. There is a lack of integration of a POS system that would have collected user data for leasing teams to stay informed on tenant performance, and in the case of Covid-19, make accurate decisions on the amount of rental waivers and rebates to be given to each tenant. In addition, the lack of digital processes within the company makes tenant management tedious and time-consuming. Many processes are still paper-first, both between tenant and landlord, or between internal departments.

Pilot Requirements: We are looking for a  digital tenant management solution that will allow the leasing team to deliver better customer experience, enable transparent landlord-tenant communication, and improve efficiencies between departments and with tenants.

Use cases include:

  • Tenant rental payment
  • Repair & maintenance reporting & resolution


  • Direct communication
  • Collection of tenants' business performance

Data analytics should be employed to help the company make more accurate business decisions around these areas:

  • The potential to predict tenants' 'lifecycle', enabling HLHL to prepare services and cross or up-sell services from other business departments and subsidiaries
  • To predict tenants' risks and behaviours, allowing the company to make accurate business decisions, proactively provide assistance to tenants, and improve tenant retention

Industry: PropTech, Business Analytics, POS SaaS, Communications platform, Community engagement platform
Stage of Solution partner: Startup, Scale-up, Innovative SMEs
Pilot Location: Singapore / Digital
Pilot Duration: 3 months

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Market Entry: Malaysia

Sunway (for CS)

Challenge Statement #1
Context: Sunway Group is one of Malaysia's largest conglomerates with over 13 business units. Over the last few decades, life expectancy has increased in almost all countries across the world, mainly due to the quality of health services, rising living standard, better education, and access to better nutrition. While we may be living longer, we are not necessarily living healthier as people who are living longer are still suffering from chronic lifestyle diseases (e.g. hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and etc.) According to National Health and Morbidity Survey 2019 (Malaysia), the prevalence of diabetes, hypertension and hypercholesterolemia among adults is 18.3%, 30.0% and 38.1% respectively. These diseases can be hard to detect until their advanced stages, making them more difficult to treat.

Pilot Requirements:

We are looking for:

  • Digital solutions that can be integrated into one's lifestyle to prevent chronic lifestyle diseases in adults with sedentary lifestyles. This should go beyond steps, heart-rate and calorie-tracking solutions.
  • Digital solutions providing quality homecare to patients with chronic lifestyle diseases, with routine follow-up from the healthcare professional while keeping costs affordable (post-diagnosis and post-treatment)

Industry: HealthTech
Stage of Solution partner: Startup, Scale-up, Innovative SMEs
Pilot Location: Sunway City, Kuala Lumpur / Digital
Pilot Duration: 3 months

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Challenge Statement #2
Context: The world's population is expected to increase and global food supply is expected to decline. With recent challenges such as economical instabilities, extreme climate changes and the recent novel Covid-19 pandemic, there is an increasingly urgent need for improved food security. We are looking for an innovative partner to collaborate with on a technologically-enabled solution


Pilot Requirements:

We are looking for:

  • Dynamic farm management and automation solutions for vegetable farming that improve farm operational efficiency. This may leverage on image recognition, AI, IoT and analytics.
  • Solutions to help vegetable farmers predict market demand, directly communicate their crop supply to the market, and diversify their distribution channels in an agile manner so that excess crops can be sold directly to consumers, thereby reducing wastage.

Industry: Agriculture, Food Technology
Stage of Solution partner: Startup, Scale-up, Innovative SMEs
Pilot Location: Sunway City, Kuala Lumpur and 120 hectares of conventional farm in Tambun, Perak / Digital
Pilot Duration: 3 months


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Challenge Statement #3
Context: Currently, the delivery of e-learning is not optimised to achieve the best outcomes. We believe that learning and development professionals must make better use of technology to reimagine education and optimise their students' knowledge acquisition and retention.


Pilot Requirements:

Edutech solutions for university or college students that will enable:

  • Immersive digital learning experiences for traditionally 'hands on' courses (e.g. culinary sciences, mechanical work, etc)
  • Scientific experimentation and lab sessions via digital means
  • Transformation in the delivery of education by focusing on learners' attention and engagement

Industry: EduTech, Education, VR/AR, Immersive Tech
Stage of Solution partner: Startup, Scale-up, Innovative SMEs
Pilot Location: Sunway City, Kuala Lumpur / Digital
Pilot Duration: 3 months

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Market Entry: Vietnam

VNG Cloud (for CS)-1

Challenge Statement #1

Context: VNG Corporation (VNG) is the first Vietnamese 'Unicorn'. VNG focuses on four main businesses: online games, platforms, digital payments and cloud services (VNG Cloud).

Electronic Know Your Customers (eKYC) has been widely deployed and adopted as the standard in the banking and finance industries in many countries. VNG has developed TrueID, an eKYC solution powered by artificial intelligence and facial and optical character recognition technologies. With a 60% rural population in Vietnam, there is huge market potential for eKYC digital banking services in the country.


Pilot Requirements: 

  • We are looking for complementary technology solutions that are synergistic with TrueID to create a comprehensive solution suite that enables banks and financial institutions to reach the 60% rural population in Vietnam
  • The solution should be a proven scaleup that are local, or category leaders in their respective markets looking to enter Vietnam as a key market
Industry: FinTech, AI, RegTech, Cybersecurity, Insuretech
Stage of Solution partner: Scale-up and Innovative SMEs
Pilot Location: Ho Chi Minh City / Digital
Pilot Duration: 3-6 months
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